About Vision Capital:

Vision Capital (VC) is a venture fund focus on early/expansion stage hi-tech startups in mobile Internet industry & creative industry.

Our investors include:

FOF of Ministry of Finance, P.R. China,

FOF of the Municipal Government of Beijing,

other leading private enterprises in China.

We dedicate to the investment opportunities emerging from the transformation of
social structure and industries’ upgrading.

We commit to team up with entrepreneurs and accelerate realizing their visions in the era
of “mass entrepreneurships and innovations” across China & the world.

Investment areas:

1.Mobile e-commerce
2.Mobile infor. services
3.Mobile internet financing
4.Mobile APPs
5.Moblie internet of things
6.Mobile internetiolization
7.Mobile internet infrastructure & equipment
8.Mobile big data & cloud computing

Investment stages:

Lead investment in early/mid stages (from seed round to series B round),
Follow investment in series C round and later rounds


Investment Committee (IC)

Members have deep understanding & solid foundation in related industries, strong investment experience and successful cases. We know not only China market but also global market as well. Benefiting from the close links to institutional investors from the top two global technology innovation center (Silicon Valley & Israel ), we are in a good position of global synergies in focused industries.

Technology Committee(TC)

Members include executives & chief scientists in charge of technologies, product development in Top 500 MNCs. We can closely follow up the state of art technology trends, precisely evaluate the technical risk of targeted projects.

Risk Control Committee(RCC)

Members are professional in legal or financial areas and have rich competence of risk control in related industries to minimize the investment risks.

Operation support committee(OSC)

Members used to be top management in successful enterprises or entrepreneurs in high-tech start-ups. We can provide varieties of customized services and values to start-ups in strategy planning, product development, business development, internal management process optimization, etc

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